Efficient management of mandatory certificates


Maintenance certificates for medical equipment in hospitals and care centres.

Hospitals and care centres are subject to mandatory inspections of their medical equipment. Each hospital must, at any time, be able to provide the necessary certificates for this equipment.

This structural maintenance of medical equipment is a crucial part of high-quality healthcare, but the administrative obligations this results in are substantial. The classic paper trail is very labour-intensive and inefficient. In addition, it entails a substantial risk of errors or loss of information.

Quodoc offers the perfect solution.

The problem

Service technicians for medical equipment manually complete the appropriate work order after each technical control. This work order is given to the hospital, together with the mandatory technical certificates and a date for the next maintenance session. In this way, they meet the stringent administrative standards of the health sector.

However, the big problem is the resulting extensive administrative burden, both for the technician and the care centre.

It is time-consuming to digitally archive files in an orderly fashion and look them up again when you need to submit them to a control agency. In addition, it requires all employees to closely adhere to the procedures established for this purpose. One document in the wrong folder can have enormous consequences.

Existing solutions, such as internal hard drives and cloud solutions (like Google Drive or Dropbox) are, unfortunately, only part of the solution.

The solution

Quodoc automates the process of inspection of the medical device up to the delivery of the necessary certificates to the agencies involved.

Scanned or digitally completed inspection forms (on a tablet, for example) are stored automatically and error-free in the right location in the digital archive of the hospital, thanks to Quodoc’s intelligence layer. By date, by device and by (department of the) hospital.

Depending on what is needed, Quodoc can retrieve each individual form again with ease, for example, to submit them along with the compulsory certificates to an inspection body. Fully automated, so without the intervention of a hospital employee.

Thanks to a smart search or scannable barcodes, any document or group of documents can be effortlessly found through Quodoc. For example, 'all certificates of a particular device' or 'all inspection forms of a certain period or department'.

The result

Quodoc allows a service technician to reduce the inspection time needed for medical equipment by 60% and thus gain 15% more time in his overall daily planning.

Thanks to Quodoc, after each inspection, the following is immediately stored in the correct digital archive of the hospital:

• a signed work order
• a document containing the test result of the medical device
• the corresponding certificate
• a compound document containing these three items
• an intervention folder

In addition, Quodoc provides an automated summary of this information via email to a responsible hospital employee or to any other internal or external party.

Quodoc also provides a self-adhesive label with a QR code for the inspected device. With this, any technician can easily retrieve and consult all documents and certificates relating to that specific medical device. Both with a desktop, laptop or a mobile device.

Thanks to tags and other information stored in each document, documents can also be effortlessly grouped together on the basis of any desired property.



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