Frequently Asked Questions

General­­ —

  • For which type of organisations is Quodoc intended?
    • Quodoc is intended for any organisation that furnishes employees or third parties with large amounts of material or equipment. Quodoc significantly simplifies the administrative flow of the associated documents and data for all involved.
  • Which objects can be supplied with a Virtual Passport?
    • Quodoc enables you to furnish any object (machine, tool, device, appliance, product etc.) for which you would like or are required to supply user or third-party related information, with a virtual passport. You can either use the existing inventory or serial number, or create your own unique number per object and then link all the relevant information to this.
  • What information can be added to the virtual passport?
    • All info in any file format: PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, PNG etc. You can additionally supplement this with all the info that is stored in individual database fields. This info can be added manually via the Quodoc Object Manager.
    • Your existing internal data system can also be automatically synchronised with Quodoc. Setting up and maintaining duplicate databases is therefore unnecessary.
    • Do you work with external parties (such as maintenance or inspection companies) that supply you with electronic reports, test certificates or other documents? This information exchange can also be synchronised automatically using Quodoc.
  • We already have a partial solution. Can I link this to Quodoc?
    • Yes, you can. Our API facilitates the seamless connection of external systems. You can therefore harness full Quodoc functionality without changing your existing working practices.
  • What are the benefits of the Virtual Passport for objects?
    • Simplified information management, maximum time savings, enhanced customer service
      Quodoc’s Virtual Passport enables you to automate the centralisation of all available information related to an object. Without having to adapt your existing working practices. Quodoc harnesses existing serial numbers, internal inventory numbers or other identification methods, to make all object information available to all those who need it, when they need it.
  • Does Quodoc require the installation of new software?
    • Quodoc is a cloud solution. A browser and internet connection are all that is required for the effortless management of the Virtual Passports of your objects, products, items, devices and machines.
  • Which app do end users need to install?
    • The Quodoc app provides end users (employees, customers, third parties) with access to the object information that you make available in their Virtual Passport. The Quodoc app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded free of charge via the App Store and Google Play.
  • Can I furnish the Quodoc app with my own label and corporate identity?
    • The white label app is available for an additional cost upon request. It’s fully tailored to your corporate identity and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play under your name.

      Administrator —

      • How can I make information available to end users?
        • Directly in the Quodoc Object Manager by creating object folders (operation is similar to creating folders on your desktop).
        • Via a link to your existing business software. In this case, you continue to work with your trusted system, but can still make optimal use of Quodoc functionality.
      • What is a unique identification label and how do I assign this to an object?
        • The unique identification label is an object’s Virtual Passport number. This can be a serial number, an inventory number or a letter and/or number combination of your choice. You can assign this unique 'code' to an object in the form of a QR code, barcode or sticker containing your own number/letter combination. If you use the serial number that has been assigned by the manufacturer, then you needn’t take any further action.
        • A folder is created via the Quodoc Object Manager per object, with the same name as the object’s unique label. All information that is linked to the object can be dropped into this folder. If you work with a link to your existing management system, then this process is automated.
      • Can I use an existing series or inventory number as a unique identification?
        • o Quodoc technology is independent of the identification method used. When it comes to object identification, you can therefore use your organisation’s trusted numbering or labelling process, existing series or inventory numbers or any other method that allows for unique identification.
      • How do I screen information for specific users?
        • The Quodoc user system enables you to create users and grant them rights on an individual or group basis. Your in-house technicians can consequently enjoy access to comprehensive information related to all the devices that they are required to maintain, whilst the device’s (end) user only gets to see the latest inspection report.
      • What is quick info and how do I add it to an object’s Virtual Passport?
        • o The 'quick info' function allows you to display first-line information to an object’s users without requiring them to open the relevant documents. An additional intelligence layer is embedded in every object folder specifically for this purpose. This intelligence layer enables you to determine which data should be included in the quick info.
      • Can I continue to use my existing management software (ERP, in-house database etc.)?
        • Yes, you can. The Quodoc API provides a seamless connection to your trusted management software.
      • I have an existing system, but it doesn't contain all the requisite info. Can I add additional info directly via the Quodoc Object Manager?
        • Yes, you can. The Quodoc Object Manager enables you to readily combine various types of information. For instance, you can combine the automated connection to your in-house database with the manual addition of third-party documents or information to one or more object folders.
      • Can I use the Quodoc Object Manager as a stand-alone system alongside my existing management system?
        • Yes, that is of course an option. For those who do not yet benefit from an automated management system, Quodoc Object Manager is a stand-alone solution anyhow. Therefore, it can also be used as a stand-alone solution alongside another system, potentially replacing it in the long term.