The virtual passport for every object

Quodoc makes all available information on any item instantly accessible. Directly from the item itself. Think of certificates, manuals, reports, contracts, instruction videos, safety regulations etc. Always and everywhere. From a tiny medical device to a massive industrial machine.

O U R   M I S S I O N

To make all object-related information instantly available from the object itself.



Unieke identificatie

Identification via 'passport number'

You determine the unique key to all the information on a specific item yourself: its serial number, inventory number, name, etc.

Label toestellen, machines, producten ...

Label devices, machinery, products, etc.

Label any item with a unique identification tag (if it does not have one already). E.g. a QR code or barcode.

Organiseer je bestanden

Organise your files

By dragging and dropping in the Quodoc Document Manager or via an automated link with your familiar business software.

Scannen. Klaar.

Scan and you’re done

Download the Quodoc app. Scan the identification label of an item. View, download or share files that are linked to the item.

How does Quodoc make the difference?

easily FIND DOCUMENTS and dispatch them EFFICIENTLY

Life as it is.

The diagram below shows the reality in many organizations. Unfortunately. Documentation on the same object is stored in different places and systems, inside and outside the company. Often even double. Or triple.

Result, nobody knows where to look for the documents he needs. And if the document he stumbles upon is the most recent. While it is often about business-critical information. Think of mandatory maintenance certificates or certificates.

How to find and retreive ocuments without Quodoc

Life thanks to Quodoc.

Thanks to its unique intelligence layer, Quodoc extracts from masses of digital documents, stored in various databases, within or outside your organization, exactly the information that a user needs at that moment. Via the object itself. Relevant information to use yourself or to share immediately with others.

That's what makes Quodoc the virtual passport for every object.

Let the examples below inspire you

Quodoc is very versatile. From PIM or DAM system to Virtual Passport for every Object. Some use Quodoc to automatically fill their website with product information and accompanying photos, others to easily manage documents and make them available to third parties. Or to automatically deliver certificates to government or other inspection organisations.

The cases below illustrate some of those applications, let them inspire you. Or lets meet to talk about your specific situation. Contact us now for an appointment.

Foto Management systeem

Intelligent image management (DAM / PIM)

Automatically enrich your images with additional information and make them available to your customers and applications (DAM system).



Efficient management of mandatory certificates

Hospitals and care centres are subject to mandatory inspections. Each hospital must, at any time, be able to provide the necessary certificates for all medical equipment.


Documentbeheer voor de bouw

All documents available at each site

The construction sector applies strict rules with regard to documents that have to be present at a building site. Some are mandatory, others recommended, some not strictly required. This results in doubt and unnecessary stress.


Product Information Management

One central location for your product information

Easily organise a streamlined flow of information to the right people, and to internal and external services and systems. Centralise information related to products and projects by adding a Quodoc intelligence layer (PIM system).



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