All documents always available at every site


Complete registration and document management on site.

The construction sector applies strict rules with regard to documents that have to be present at a site. Some are mandatory, others recommended, some not strictly required. This results in doubt and unnecessary stress.

To avoid this, you can retrieve any document at any time on any site with Quodoc. And, if need be, you can immediately forward it to the person who has requested it.

The problem

Every day, thousands of employees are required to check in and out at construction sites across Belgium. This is an enormous administrative burden for all those contractors required to register each employee with the NSSO every day. Or for contractors who have to produce the necessary documents for foreign workers every time.

Thanks WMW, contractors are able to automate 90% of their administrative obligations with the aid of CheckIn@Work.

But what if all the other mandatory and non-mandatory site documents could be available at any time on any site?

In an intelligent way, to boot, so that each person concerned

  • always has access to the information that is intended for them,

  • is able to add files directly to the correct folder,

  • receives an automatic notification when new documents are available for them,

  • and more.

And what if supervisory authorities would automatically receive the required certificates at the right time?

Now that would make administration easier!

The solution

A contractor who creates a new site in WMW, also automatically creates a folder in Quodoc. In it, he then – manually or automatically – stores all documents related to that site. This may include anything from plans, documents related to the building permit and site reports to the final completion report.

By granting rights, everyone will be able to access the documents that concern them. As a result, every person responsible for a construction site is, for example, able to retrieve and show the necessary documents or forward them to the person who needs them, at any time.

In the case of mandatory documents which must be provided to various authorities at regular intervals, this process can be automated.

The same applies for a new employee. When a contractor registers a new employee, he automatically creates a folder in Quodoc for that employee.

In this folder all necessary documents, certificates and such are collected, in most cases fully automatically.

The result


Thanks to Quodoc, you, as a contractor, not only have a perfect overview of all documents relating to each of your sites – you also have access to them, anytime and anywhere. That is why it is a piece of cake to provide the necessary documents when an inspection is carried out at a site.

In addition, Quodoc makes sure that mandatory certificates are automatically sent to the appropriate control authorities in a timely manner

And finally, Quodoc offers you the opportunity to grant all parties involved in a site specific access to any files concerning them. And to add any necessary documents to your folders. Immediately in the right location, in your digital archive.



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