All information instantly available. Directly from any object.

Recognise this problem?

Every organisation manages a variety of devices, tools, machines, equipment and other items. All these items have their own manuals, certificates, warranty cards, images, (instruction) videos and other documents.

But… these things are rarely or never stored in the same place. And their management is an endless administrative agony.

The solution.

To make all available object-related documentation instantly accessible from the object itself. 

In other words - create a virtual passport that accompanies each object at all times.
Barcode EAN QR label serial number

What do you need?

The existing serial number or internal inventory number of an object, product, device or machine can be used as a unique code. And these are often already present on the object in the form of a barcode. With the Quodoc app on your smartphone, all you need to do is to scan the code.

Another easy option is to equip each item with your own unique QR code or barcode. These scannable labels ensure that finding information via Quodoc becomes a breeze.

If there is no scannable label on the object, the user can always manually enter its serial or inventory number in the Quodoc app on his smartphone.


Use the Quodoc Object Manager, your own management system or the best of both.

Managing documents, images, videos or other object information can be done directly in the Quodoc Object Manager. As soon as you drag a file into a folder, it's available via the Quodoc app.

If you already work with an ERP, inventory or other management system, we can integrate that seamlessly with the Quodoc platform. This prevents duplication of work and ensures that all information is always up-to-date.

Do you want to add extra information to an object on top of the data from your own management system? Then simply drag the extra documentation into the folder of that object. Ready.

A smart layer on top of your digital files.

Automatically save new information in the right folder and automatically deliver it in the right format to the right person or application.


Like to try Quodoc free of any obligation?

We gladly prepare a free test account for you. Just contact us via or call +32 11 85 03 58. No strings attached.

Anne G., administrative clerk in a hospital.

Before Quodoc, we worked with a combination of paper documents in binders, internal hard drives, Google Drive and Dropbox, depending on the type of documents. But after a while, finding something is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Each inspection visit became a day of stress and chaos. Luckily, those days are over. From an administrative point of view, everything is now much easier and the certificate of each device is now available to anyone at any time. Just by 'scanning' the divice itself.

Chris H., medical technician

Our technicians each check an average of 20 devices per day. Thanks to Quodoc, we save one hour of administrative work per day per employee. The return on investment is immense. All your files centrally stored and accessible from anywhere. Even when you’re on the road.