Intelligent image management


Automatically enhance your images with additional information and make them available to your customers and applications from one database.

  • How do you automate your database of hundreds of images that are used in multiple applications and how do you ensure it is manageable from a single location?

  • How can you search these images based on product type, colour, weight or other properties that are not stored as standard in the information of an image file?

  • How do you use these same images from that one database both on your website and in your ERP package?
  • Or how do you make them effortlessly available to third parties?

These are all issues that many companies struggle with.
The answer is simple: Quodoc.

The problem

A wholesaler has a database of 12,000 images. They are used to visualise the products they sell on their own website, in the order system and in a sales app.

They would also like to offer those images to their customers, the retailers, to be used when communicating with their end users. But how do you organise that?

The big problem is that each of these applications has its own solution for image management. And that these images are therefore not centrally managed, but in each of those applications separately.

Due to the large number of images, it is impossible to do this manually. And the margin for errors is enormous. After all, the images must be kept up-to-date in multiple applications.

The solution

One central database from which each individual image can be retrieved automatically by the application, or by the customer, when needed.

To make this possible, additional information must be added to each image. Firstly, the name of the file.

The company has an order system with detailed product information. So, by simply changing the name of the image into the article number, a key is created to then automatically enrich the image with all information available in the order system.

This additional information (product type, category, manufacturer, colour, weight, etc.) can then be searched and made available to all current and future applications.

The result

The result is one central image management system, automatically enhanced with information from other databases. Thanks to this additional information, each image is easy to find via Quodoc for use in every conceivable application.

Central image management not only means that all images can be managed in one location, but also that all company software and online marketing can be directly linked to Quodoc.



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