Quodoc for Product Information Management


One central location for all your product information

Organise a streamlined information flow to the right people and to internal and external services and systems. Centralise information regarding products, services and projects from one central location thanks to the superimposed smart layer.

Use Quodoc as your PIM system

The problem

A company specialising in tailor made workspace design has three 'suppliers':

  • office furniture produced in-house
  • office furniture produced by third parties
  • furniture customised or adjusted in their own workshops

Many internal and external parties are involved in each project, and everyone should have access to the same information:

  • the client (usually more than one person)
  • the architect
  • the internal project leader
  • the internal design team
  • suppliers
  • the production team
  • etc.

Once a project is completed, it should be made available digitally to the sales team as soon as possible, so that they can use it as a reference in their sales talks.

And since the material is available anyway, it would also be useful if it could be published on the website in one easy step.

The challenge

Creating one central information platform:

  • in which both product info of own and third party products is easy to find (images, technical data sheets, etc.);

  • from which all information relating to a project (from the first mood book to images of the finished product) can be easily shared with anyone who needs it;

  • where products are linked to the interior projects in which they are used and vice versa, so that sales staff can very efficiently use this knowledge in their sales talks;

  • from which all available product and project information that the company has, can be sent to people or digital applications. Whether or not automated.

The solution: one central PIM system

 (Product Information Management):

  • where the marketing department can manage both the company’s products as well as those of external suppliers in one location;

  • where sales staff has access to all images of products and finished projects at all times;

  • so that representatives can, very efficiently, show examples to (potential) customers and, at the end of the first talk, take home a very specific briefing for the interior designers;

  • that automatically supplements the website with new products, documents and references;

  • where customers can easily consult product information, plans, quotations and other information relating to their projects;

  • where a project manager can assign reading and editing rights to folders of a project;

  • allowing each project manager to keep an overview of his/her projects;

  • from which all relevant information can be linked with internal and external systems (CRM, sales tool, etc.).

The result

Quodoc as an efficient central link between systems and people.  

For projects, Quodoc cleverly uses folders with individual rights for customers, suppliers and internal staff.  

The product information – of both the company’s own products and those of external manufacturers – is managed by the respective marketing departments.

Commercial employees can use the project information, which is automatically made available on their sales tools. In Quodoc, they can customise presentations.


The marketing department retains control of all information and has a system at its disposal where all digital platforms are automatically supplemented with references and product overviews.



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