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Cloud storage
User rights system
Parameters and labels
Collective folder
Document dispatching

All your files centrally stored and accessible from anywhere. Even when you’re on the road.


Organising files

Organise yourself in the same way you are used to on your desktop. Provide folders, documents, images and other files with tags and other metadata. Add extra intelligence via the 'smart layer'.

Uploads by third parties

Grant other users specific rights. For example, to add files to folders for which you have given them explicit permission.

Bulk uploads

Use the drag-and-drop function of Quodoc to add large numbers of files to a folder. The upload is done in the background while you continue with your work.

Consulting files

View images in detail via the built-in preview function and browse PDF files without having to download them first.

All file formats

Quodoc supports all common file formats and automatically provides your documents with a thumbnail. We will happily add less common file formats at your request.

Searching and finding files

Quodoc has an advanced search option.

With this option, you can search not only by file name, but also by tags and other metadata, such as location, date, etc.

Lightning fast search results

In just a few seconds you will find files, users and other information in the Quodoc folders. Combine keywords to refine your search results or to filter the results list.

You maintain full control.
So you can sleep easy.



With just a few clicks, you can add users and determine what rights they are assigned by default when a new folder is created. If you wish, these rights can be 'overruled' for certain folders afterwards. In this way, access control to your information remains completely in your hands.

Searching for users

Find a user by a name, first name or email address. Or filter the user list based on the name of a user group or other common characteristics.

User groups

Create an unlimited amount of user groups and assign user rights to groups. Add individual users to one or more user groups.

Blocking users

Do you want to block a user without removing the account? Just tick the 'block’ box. The user is immediately denied access to your Quodoc system.

Effortlessly add extra parameters and key labels to folders and files

Thanks to Quodoc’s built-in intelligence layer or 'smart layer’, any digital file can be stored automatically in the right place and subsequently analysed, modified and made available to any other person or software application, such as apps, websites, CRM packages or control bodies, to name but a few options.



You decide which information in a document or folder of documents is important. That is why you can create as many parameters in Quodoc as you consider necessary.

By simply checking or unchecking them, you assign parameters to files and folders. This additional information is useful when you automate processes in Quodoc’s intelligence layer (smart layer), but external web services also use it when they collect data from you.


Via the API (Application Programming Interface), you can allow Quodoc to communicate with other digital applications. 

Please contact us for more info on our API.


In Quodoc, you can tag files with multiple labels. This makes it very easy to locate them afterwards on the basis of various criteria. The tags can also be sent to external applications and used as parameters to automate processes.

For example: “Always automatically inform Person A by email when a file is tagged 'XYZ'.”

Deliver files to colleagues, customers or suppliers with one action.

Only in Quodoc are you able to combine files that are stored in multiple folders or subfolders in a single new (collective) folder, with just two clicks. No need to move or copy them. Think of it as online shopping where you can fill your shopping basket from different pages in the web shop.

You can then download the collective folder (your shopping basket, if you like) for personal use or to send to colleagues, customers, suppliers or other parties involved.



Documents you want to group together to download or send to someone, can be collected in Quodoc just as easy as you collect goods in a web shop.

To select them, Just click on the files in the various folders you created in Quodoc.

Quodoc will then create a new, temporary folder, which you can download to your own computer or send to one or more email addresses. Regardless of the size of the files.


You can send the complete collective folder to one or more email addresses at the same time. The email message sent to the recipient can be composed according to your own corporate identity.


Do you need the collected files for your own use? Then you can use the built-in download function to download the collective folder to the desired device.

Dispatch your data at the right time to the right person or software.

Quodoc’s built-in dispatch system ensures that files can be delivered manually or fully automatically to colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Or that they are delivered directly as a data stream to external software.



Determine which users should receive an email notification at which moment when a new file is added in Quodoc. This feature can be set separately per folder.

Dispatching via API

Get started with our API to configure the dispatch of your data or documents. Contact us for more info on our API.

Dispatching to applications

Integrate Quodoc seamlessly into your automation processes. Use the smart layer to determine what should be made available to your business software or external applications and when.


Like to try Quodoc free of any obligation?

We gladly prepare a free test account for you. Just contact us via info@quodoc.com or call +32 11 85 03 58. No strings attached.